Your focus is on your core business and quality service delivery.   To stay compliant, grow and win grants you need sound policy and you can't afford mistakes.


Keel Consulting offers great value policy grant writing and risk management advice to support your team.

















You work hard pursuing what excites you, and helping others do the same.  You give everything to training, your team, officiating and running your club. 


Feeling overwhelmed? Select Keel Consulting to help you with policy, training and grants so you can get back to more of the sport you love.
















Whatever your business, the focus is on revenue generation and customer service.  As you grow and the world gets more complex, so does legislation and regulation.


You can’t afford to fail an audit or to risk non-compliance, so choose Keel Consulting for advice and support.














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Keel Consulting Company




More businesses, sport and not-for-profit organisations reaching peak performance.


Improved service delivery, consistency and trust.


We provide policy development, audit, legal compliance and training services that you can depend on to steer true.  When you're ready to grow we offer grant-writing and advice to help you achieve your ambitions.


Policy development, training, audit and grant-writing services.    

Protecting your reputation so you can focus on success.